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Net Abbreviation for "Sorry".
Soz, was dc!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
to be sorry for what you have done. it means the same as sorry. soz. same thing.
sorry! soz. i am sorry for doing that. i am soz for doing that
by ally.niamh.faith.cutie May 19, 2008
Slang word employed with another word to draw attention to a particular characteristic of someone of something, but referring to the characteristic indirectly.

The word that suffixes "soz" can even be extended to an entire phrase. The longer and more obscure the suffix the better.

First employed by the students of form 12F1 of Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK in 2002.

There are endless variations.
Referring to The Patriot Act:

"Soz draconian"

Referring to detailed advice given in answer to the question "What should I do about my girlfriend man, things are getting really complicated":

"Soz technical"
by the *real* Jack Gannaway September 19, 2006
To be able to see your friend later.
soz Dan means see you later Dan
by DAN March 22, 2005