Slang word employed with another word to draw attention to a particular characteristic of someone of something, but referring to the characteristic indirectly.

The word that suffixes "soz" can even be extended to an entire phrase. The longer and more obscure the suffix the better.

First employed by the students of form 12F1 of Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK in 2002.

There are endless variations.
Referring to The Patriot Act:

"Soz draconian"

Referring to detailed advice given in answer to the question "What should I do about my girlfriend man, things are getting really complicated":

"Soz technical"
by the *real* Jack Gannaway September 19, 2006
Top Definition
Nonsensical internet slang term for "sorry", used by illiterate morons who for some reason substitute a “z” for “rry”, the latter of which would take an entire quarter of a second to type out.
"OMG, soz about that."

"Shut the fuck up."
by exothermic June 25, 2006
Slang for "sorry".
"Soz dude, I fucked up"
"OMG, soz, I 0wned your box."
"Soz for teh mess I made making dinner..."
by voiceinsideyou June 06, 2003
The only appropriate way to say sorry; not just a word, but a way of life
Example 1:
Evan: Hey dude I had sex with your girlfriend, soz.
Victor: Don't worry about it

Example 2:

Conor: Hey I ran over your dog with my car, soz man
Curry: Its alright, I'll get a new one

Example 3:
Paul: Hey I burnt down your house with your entire family and pets inside, no one survived... soz bro
Jordan: No problem dude
by BOYETCHLES June 25, 2011
"Soz for being late."
by m.xD. April 08, 2010
Net Abbreviation for "Sorry".
Soz, was dc!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
British slang for "sorry"
Soz darling, I can't make it this weekend.
by Diddsie January 07, 2008
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