SOY= Shit On Yourself

This acronym is generally used in the sport of basketball and is used in a number of different ways. You can say it when very surprised, when someone makes a wet ballin' shot that just makes you want to SOY, OR when someone gets the stuffing beat out of them.
"Wetballin! Omg I'm in so much SOY right now!"

"That game was so insane I'm still in so much SOY!"

"Oh, I just SOYed"
by wetballer March 30, 2010
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Soy Soy Soy! Soy gives you strength! Strength crushes enemies! Soy!
Soylent green is people.
by Nova Usagi November 27, 2003
A term made popular in North Carolina by high school students meaing shit on you. There are many other variations such as sot or som meaning shit on that and shit on me.
Dude i will soy.

Dude my teacher gave us so much homework i just didnt do it and told her soy.
by Cyrus Rattler January 14, 2011
an exageration of the word so, a terms hipsters use to make mainstream people who try to act hipsters out of place
"omg kelly, your thrift store sweater and cuffed jeans are soy rad"
"haha Raegan, can you believe that hipster imposter, shes soy pathetic"
by Thostick January 02, 2012
australian acronym for Shit On You
Do not feed the seagulls or they will S.O.Y.
by Dalber July 06, 2005
Word Origin: As soy milk has estrogenic properties and can cause the growth of breasts in men, the word is widley used to describe a man whom is acting like a female.

Definition: state in which one is emotionally vulnerable, and/or is being overly sensitive.

Also see: Soft , Drake , Bitch , Pussy
"I miss my ex so much, bro." That's soy jonelle, nut up homie.

"I can't come out today guys, im watching twilight with my home girl." You're being SOY as fuck bro!
by TheMostInterestingManAlive July 18, 2014
Soy is a bean. It is a food containing many naturally occuring toxins. These are not lessened or removed during commercial processing. The high levels of aluminum are toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys. Soy phytoestrogens disrupt endocrine function and have the potential to cause infertility and to promote breast cancer in adult women. Quality control is non-existant in this money making industry. The government wants you to continue consuming soy in great quantities so that they can make even more money (4 billion dollar industry, people).
Average American: "Soy is in 60% of food pruducts! Wow, good thing it prevents breast cancer."
Informed Individual: "Actually, soy is toxic. Have you ever wondered why the containers of soymilk specifically say not to give as an infant formula? The reason is that it is an unsuitable substance that causes breast cancer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news."
by SoyisDeadly March 05, 2010

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