Soviet Union a country that was created to be communist but failed to become it but instead turned to be Socialist, I know it's surprising but i guess you should understand first what U.S.S.R stans for = Unoin of the Soviet SOCIALIST Republic.
Yes Stalin was the leader of the country but he was hated by all the people. Lenin was the man who created the Soviet Unoin and he insisted that Stalin wouldn't be the leader after him.

The only reason that everyone dosen't speak German to this day, if it wasn't for their defence in Stalinberg you today would be living i na facist world screaming Hailz Hitler!!

A country who's army (soldiers) were considered to be the toughest and bravest soldiers in the world. Training and fighting was something that no American soldier did or could do.

A country were the people are cultured nicley dressed and good looking, unlike the rednecks (ex. G.W.Bush) that America has.

Please before commenting on a country that you have no idea about, considering the massive propaganda that has been pumped into by a society where a movie star makes more money than a doctor, think twice and do not write anything.

Now it's Russia and it's still powerful armed with many nukes and missles (were do you think the terrorists in the middle east get their supplies, us of course -.-).
The Soviet Union was the second Romian Empire but grander, soemthing that America wants to achieve but can't.
by Sindrow July 25, 2006
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A nation whose government killed more people than Hitler, built more nuclear weapons than America, oppressed more people in a larger region than any other nation in history, and fell becuase hundreds of millions of people decided they didn't want to live under an illegal government.

Russia now is a tatter of a shread. Their military has less than 400,000. Their ships are afraid to sail beyond their coastlines. Their "government" is more corrupt than any American coroporation. Their money is worthless. Boy, Russia is such a grand place now!

The USSR's military was the most problem-ridden ever to have existed and they would not have won against the United States in a land war.
Don't listen to wannabe scene-loving "punks" about the USSR. Stalin was worse than hitler and the only way it "solved other country's disputes" was by murdering their government officials and rolling in the tanks. Idiots on these boards need to practice what they preach and read into the fact that the Soviet Union was the worst fascist nation ever to exist.
by Truth & Justice April 07, 2006
Worst union in the world, dictature, propaganda, all bad things :(
Look, those people want Soviet Union back!
by Marija December 04, 2003
A place where cars drive you.
(replace "union" with "Russia"
by dj_gs68 November 13, 2003
A country that was born in the 1920's due to the Russian Revolution led by Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks. The CCCP (USSR) was born in spite of the longing for a utopia in which all social classes were abolished,however the idealistic dream was never reached, this can be mostly attributed to Josef Stalin, who imposed several 5 year plans to 'help' the Soviet economy, and Stalin immidiately turned the young nation into a totalitarion dictatorship in which secret police operated, not unlike fascism. However, I, being a Communist, still support the failed dream and attempt of a utopia, such an attempt reflects the potentiality for overall selflessness and charity. May Communisms strong ideal live for all days.
The Soviet Union was an example of a failed attempt at Communism and only further made the form of government disputed among nations, precisely what Cuba, China, Vietnam, North Korea, and other nations are doing today.
by Expatriot September 07, 2004
-A country that forced the collectivization of the economy
-A country that fueled its economic rise from money stolen from wealthy peasants
-A country that had been a one party system since Lenin
-A country that controlled or heavily influenced most of the Eastern hemisphere
-A country whose economy could not sustain itself
-A country that committed atrocities similar to those of Hitler
-A country that was originally created in a bloody revolution which was encouraged by the germans in world war i to get russia to withdraw from the war
-The adversary of the united states during the cold war
-A country that pretty much did more harm than good
Gorbachov tried to reform it. Didn't work out. Soviet Union collapsed peacefully at least.
by capitalism works better April 06, 2008
A country formed in the 1920's under a man named Lenin. Would probally would have been a good country and had a moderate communistic economy but Stalin shattered thoses dreams. Stalin killed any person who disagreed or threw them in jail. One of the major reasons why WWII was won was the Soviet Union. The, comited a small anti-semitic genocide after WWII. Also turned nearly evry nation he conqored into a communist nation like the Soviet Union. It was like living in Nazi Germany except a diferent ruler (Stalin) and a different economy (communism). Thank god he died in the 1950's. Later, because of Satlin, it became the new enemy of the West, until the 1980's when the Soviet union collapsed. If the Soviet Union lasted under Lenin longer or Satlin did not come into power, this nation could have been maybe even a good ally of the west.Just a note, i am NOT a communist. I am just interperting history the way i see it and a making hypothisis.
The Soviet Union produced one of the best tanks of WWII, the T-34.
by GeneralSJC December 27, 2006
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