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Commonly known as the USSR, it was a communistic country until 1991. Know, it's know for being the main joke that's the opposite of the united states.
Soviet Russia was the reds before the Chinese.

In Soviet Russia urbandictionary add you!
by kingjt13 March 03, 2009
lame fad on message boards...
In Soviet Russia, topics make you!
by 404Cutman August 24, 2003
place that has been building up a secret arsenal of big bombs and is holding them to take out capitalism tommorow
that soviet russia place sucks
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
A land filled with women who have hairy armpits and never bathe.
The men stink of vodka and oh yeah they never bathe either.
"You stink like a soviet. Go take a fuckin bath!"
by deliverance April 24, 2003