Suburb of Detroit in Downriver michigan, filled with people that think they count but they don't, fake tough guys, and cheap whores. lots of scenester terry's and a high school, that is filled with ghetto people and white trash. you cannot make it through the day without hearing the n-word several times and/or "yeah cuhh." any girls that are decently attractive in one way or another are probably hoes, but they wouldn't admit it, and they don't have to because the guys are just as bad. Known for the case of a girl that contracted chlamydia as slutgate or sTa becomes sTd
Southgate blows. just like the female population of the sophomore class at the high school.
by dickryder123 March 14, 2011
(hence the Southgate Schools Sex Scandal of 2003)
"Go to Southgate if you want to be raped by a teacher."
by ufck March 18, 2004
a person with no penis or a deformed genitals
haha you got a southgate cock
by vulva February 14, 2005

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