Nothern Virginia's playground. Where the north sends their kids to college and visits frequently to the amusements parks and the beaches.
scenario of boy trying to pick girl up in VIrginia beach- in southern virginia- true story...
boy: so where do you go to school?
girl: UVa but i'm from nothern virginia
boy: cool man same here which part....
by Jessi Leigh September 03, 2006
So basically,Southern VA is hanging on by a small(very small) thread known as Northern Virginia (where all the cool, and yes rich, but dont hate us cause we are better off then you, we just work harder, people live). Southerners simply disgrace virginia. Thanks for growing all those crops, we like to eat them but, not gonna lie, we could get them else where. Ever notice, that when you tell people you're from Virginia the looks they give you? Unless you SPEICIFY northern va because then whoa, thats cool, and you are accepted as elite non hickian person. so sova (get it, cause we're nova?) thanks for the corn but stop complaining, because we're better then you and that's just something you have to learn to accept. Please be a little grateful from now on of us becuase we're doing you a big (very big) favor by remaining part of your state. So, good day kind sir, which is by the way is how polite, non-redneck, upper class human beings say goodbye in place of your grunts. And also, guys, the confederates LOST take down your flags and stop embarassing our nation.
person 1- hey look at that guy making out with his cousin with a farmers tan.
person 2- yeah, he must be from southern virginia, which is TOTALLY differnt from Northern Virginia.
by saragan December 22, 2004
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