Born in the 1970's, southern rock harnest a perfect blend of southern additude and all that is rock 'n' roll. A southern rock band must have at least 3 guitars. The songs must contain lyrics about heartache, booze, a southern state or any combonation of the three. The "Southern Rock" life style requires you to be physicly out of shape and have the ability to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels by yourself.
by Edward N. May 28, 2005
Top Definition
Perhaps the greatest thing to ever come from classic rock, which is, in itself great. Southern rock puts a southern spin on classic rock. The guitar riffs are different, using a more honkey tonk style than general classic rock. It is a step between early country, (which was a bit slow) classic rock, (the best genera of music yet to exist) and modern country (which more or less sucks). All in all, southern rock is a great genera.
Southern rock artists include: Lynyrd Skynynrd, and the Allman Brothers
by Ceolwulf July 22, 2006
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