to invite one into your home, learn all you can about that person, then try your hardest to destroy that person because you're so unhappy with yourself and your own life that it's all you can do to make yourself momentarily happy.
Woman: You should come over to our house after service for some good old fashioned southern hospitality!
Young couple: We'd love to!
Woman later: She had a child out of wedlock and he's Asian! Tisk tisk, what has this town come to...
by anonymous987357 December 06, 2011
Top Definition
Showing graciousness, kindness, and warmth to others. Behavior that is altruistic.
Those strangers that let me stay at their house overnight while my car was being repaired sure showed a lot of southern hospitality.
by DWW August 07, 2003
Southern Hospitality is a family, or individual helping another, just because its the right thing to do. People call it Southern Hospitality because people from the South are known to be nice folks. If someone comes knocking on the door needing food, or a place to stay for the night, most people down here will gladly help.
random person knocking on the door- Hello Ma'am, im in terrible need of some food, do you think you've got a little to spare?
Woman-Yes sir, just come on in and ill fix you up a plate!
random person-Thank you for your Southern Hospitality ma'am
by southern belle. August 15, 2009
When girls basically get every privilege over guys.
Guy: Man I'm so hungry I can't wait to get something to eat!!
Group of Girls: No we go first, it's southern hospitality

(After a long day of traveling)
Guy: I'm so exhausted I can't wait to go to bed.
Group of Girls: Wait!! You have to take everything back and put our shit in our rooms. It's southern hospitality, you have no choice.
by thatguy2972 November 15, 2011
How the dub suggests he's gettin' sum, without saying it in plain engrish.
Some may argue that southern hospitality can never be too long, probably the ladies more than men I imagine.
by Max-n-Grinch February 17, 2010
Two words that should not be put in the same sentence
All these white trash people down here in the South really know what southern hospitality is. There so nice to your face then act like douche bags behind your back! Oh, how I love Southern Hospitality!
by Fxdasouth April 25, 2011
When staying at some one's house you screw their wife/sister/daughter etc.
Man the woman at Ted's house sure now how to show a guy some southern hospitality.
by Stauder April 19, 2009
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