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pimp ass school with and lots of fights.( racist ass school!!)...were the guys are hot even tho most of them smoke pot!!!
.. *class of 2008*...
by candy! aka ez candI April 20, 2005
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Southern Senior High School- Go Bulldawgs!
Currently a national blue ribbon school which is apparently some great honor. Is normally a pretty fun school but has a lot of nasty potheads and skanks, which of course goes with the area we live in. Has some really smart kids but also a lot of gross, dumb ones that think its okay to leave school early so they can walk to Harwood Market and smoke. Spirit Week is super fun, too.
a) "Yea mayunn, SoHi all da way! You boppin?"

b) "Fuck South River mayunn, how bout them Redskins!"

c) "This is Principal Maryalice Todd congratulating Southern High School for becoming a National Blue Ribbon School"
by Staplers December 20, 2009
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a gay ass school in anne arrundel county that everyone should flick off as they pass it.
man fuck southern they suck.
o you go to southern that's cool if you're a homo.
i flicked off southern today it was fun.
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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