1.The lower region of a person's body
2.Feeling supported downstairs
1. She has a rash on her southern comfort
My southern comfort hurts because I sat on a pin
2. These pants have taken me to southern comfort heaven!
by xBx March 26, 2004
The term means having slaves to wait on your every need and comfort you. Southerners still use the term because they'd like to forget that the North kicked their asses and freed their slaves. But really in their hearts they know they can't do shit because we would come back down their and crush their pathetic, Godless culture again. They know that the God of the North will once again raise up an Army of the faithful and burn their shit down if they try to enslave any of his people claiming to do so in His name.
We could stay in an Inn but I'd rather stay on Uncle Bob's plantation so we can experience some southern comfort at its best- his slaves are so good.
by General Ulysses S. Grant July 20, 2006

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