When your fucking your woman from behind, then pull out and try to sneak your dick into her ass
I was fucking my ho' when I wanted to fuck her ass so I did a southern trespass.
by Crack Daddy Welfare April 19, 2003
Top Definition
while having sex, to change orifices without prior consent or warning.
Sheilah and I were getting it on, and she was going crazy! So I pulled A southern trespass. Man she loved it!
by matt simpson February 24, 2004
Switching orifices - without alerting your partner - while having sex doggy-style.
Listen, I know Kobe committed a Southern trespass on you but you wont get a conviction for rape just because of it, you have to say that none of the sexual acts had consent.
by The Commadore July 22, 2008
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