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fraternity attire that really preppy southern bros like to wear. it makes the ladies wet
Sorostitute: "your frattire is pretty chill today, bro"

Bro: "no shit. go make me a sandwich"

Sorostitute: "ofcourse sweetie"

Bro: "i am such a bro, and southern frattire is legit as fuck"

Bro: "i am going back to southernfrattire.storenvy.com again today"
by Brobeewawnkanowbee February 02, 2011
A unique blend of classic southern style and timeless fraternal traditions ~ classic fraternity attire for the southern gentleman.
southern frattire website...

by southernbirder July 14, 2011
Website designed to attract so-called Gentleman from Southern Fraternities, but fails miserably due to the fact that A. they only sell graphic t-shirts, and B. no one wants to wear a logo or graphic from a poseur brand.

Usually advertised via spam on Greek-related message boards.
Sample spam on a message board:

Classic Fraternity Attire for the Southern Gentleman!

Southern Frattire

Best new clothing line... southernfrattire.com
by theknowingcat November 15, 2011