A misspelled form of southern belle, which this website apparently doesn't have the definition of.

A southern belle is a beautiful, rich and innocent girl from the Southern states of the U.S. The term is most commonly found in romance novels or books, since society is being taken over by a new generation that doesn't deign to use it. (psst, that means us, the teenagers and future of America. A sad bunch, aren'we?)
Student's essay: Theodore Roosevelt married a southern bell from the a plantation in the hills of Carolina.

Teacher's note: The proper spelling is southern bell, and Mrs. Lincoln was not from Carolina, check your facts.
by scarletswitchblade February 21, 2004
Top Definition
A female from the Southern United States; Usually implies that the female in question possess both beauty, charm and style, while having a core of strength, intelligence and wit.

Can also imply that the female named also has a tendencey to utilise all her cahrm, intellect and style in order to have others - Not exclusively male- to perform unpleasant tasks for her. However, a real southern bell will in fact perform msot such tasks herself.
" Dolly Parton runs her own business, plays several instruments, acts and writes, making her a modern southern bell."
by D F Stuckey February 19, 2004
1) (noun) A delicate woman of Southern birth, prone to fainting spells, mint juleps, and Electra complexes. More often spelled "southern belle." (From the French <I>belle</i>, meaning beauty.)

2) The really crappy phone service provider that covers most of the Southern US
Scarlet O'Hara is a classic southern belle.

Man, Southern Bell really soaked me on these service charges this month. Seventy-five cents for call return?
by LadySphinx February 24, 2004
A rich young heiress living in the southern U.S., usually beautiful, fair, and spoiled and pampered.
She had a southern bell accent.
by fightsong February 21, 2004
n. 1. Generally rung for dinner in the south, where the practice is that the men work in the fields while the women fix meals and alert the men using said object.
2. the other motivation for coming in from the fields.
1. i had to ring the southern bell several times before you made it in from the back 40.
2. my southern bell is the only reason i come home in the evening..
by Roystus February 19, 2004
The phone company
Don"t mess with Ma Bell.
by Simon February 22, 2004
An extremely rich, haughty, arrogant, classy southern lady. She proudly traces her ancestry back to some prestigeous slaveholding family.
My girlfriend from Greenville, South Carolina a southern bell.
by Vernon Baker February 21, 2004
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