The big pile of shit next to Portsmouth on the UK map...
man 1: "aww man i have to go to Southampton tomorrow for work"
man 2: "hahaha unlucky mate that place is a shithole"
by Benjisan April 28, 2011
Southampton is a well-known city on Long Island, New York. It is mostly known as a place for rich, middle-aged assholes to retire and continue their bloodline. Offspring of these individuals continue to infect the people around them with their pompous attitudes and rude behavior. For unknown reasons, the small village seems to be infested with people from New York City on the weekends. These weekenders are often perceived as exponentially ruder than the Southamptonites. There also exists a Native American reservation in the Town of Southampton. The individuals who reside there are of Shinnecock Indian descent and are often referred to as Moniggs, short for "Mo' nigga than Indian."
"Do you wanna hang out tomorrow?"
"Fuck, nah, I have to go to Southampton."
"Do you want me to shoot you now or later?"
by bananahead120 May 04, 2009
I was born in Southampton and lived around the southside all my life and I feel all hoods around the south like Lymington New Milton Ringwood Lyndhurst Sway etc owe Southampton
just go to southampton blacks whites !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Last Motherfuker Breathing March 25, 2005
the best place to be!! the streets and people are the cleanest you will ever find! it has one of the best football team in the history of the making! everyone that comes from here/lives here have brought up to be solid! we can fight and will do whatever to keep our reputation!
southampton is the best!!
by Michelle-sarah kalalacky March 04, 2009
Abbreviations; Scumpton, Scummers, Scum

A small place situated on the outskirts of Portsmouth where inbred pikey looking people dwell, the capital of which is St Mary`s AKA The New Deli. On most Saturdays you will find a congragated mass on these monkeys at The New Deli dressed as red and white deck chairs. A funny race of people who worship a fat big nosed buddha from Guernsey. I guess red & white is appropriate because when mixed together these colours form pink, the perfect colour for those spineless faggot wankers who are not only clueless in their existence but also believe there is a Football Team situated in their scum hole city, when clearly everybody knows that there is only one real football team in Hampshire!

Up the Pomp!
Portsmouth 4 - Southampton 1

"We hate Southampton! We hate Southampton! We hate Scum!"
by Arry R September 14, 2006

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