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An area in West London where almost everyone is Indian or Pakistani.
Bend It Like Beckham was filmed in Southall.
When it's Divali/Diwali, Southall sounds like WW3.
by akminder February 24, 2004
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Town/Place In West London where the majority of the population is Asian (indian/pakistan)
Also there are quite a few somalian people.

Kinda Stinks of curry
Southall Broadway is always traffic jammed
Boy: Where do you live?
Girl: I live in southall
Boy: OMFG how many asian people live there???
Girl: ¬_¬ All my neighbours are asian

**True Story**
by AdeIzzle January 16, 2008
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Southall is the heroin capital of London and it is where most crackheads and and Heroin abusers come to get there prescription. There is police in Southall patrolling 24 hrs a day to catch the dealers. Many houses are abandonned because of the abuse of Crack-Cocaine taking place. Heroin addiction is so bad in Southall that the abusers will be on the roads 24/7 selling plenty of stolen good and asking for petty change Look it up Southall is the heroin central of London for all those that dont know. Many of the fiends come from the Indian Black and White nationalities.
Southall is the Heroin Capital of London that has been stated in newspapers in the past.
by Reportah21 January 12, 2011
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