The part of New Jersey that is not an embarrassment.
You're from New Jersey, but you aren't a walking joke.

I am from South Jersey.
by South Jersey - 51st State December 13, 2010
"South Jersey is the place to be. We have all that ya need to be happy (; We got...

-WaWa, Gotta love those midnight runs.

-Cowtown/Rodeo, Best farmers market youll ever go to
(and yes, we all remember when the statue of the cowboy standin in front of cowtown brooke in half, and all was left was his blue jeans) (;

-We got all different kinda folks. We got people who rock those baggy jeans and then others showin' off those wrangler jeans (;

-Boys with their sexy big ol' toy trucks (;

-We have the best corn and tomatoes, no matter what.

- Almost anywhere ya wanna go is close enough for you to walk or ride your bike

-We have poor grammar, and proud of it.

-The best diners, bars, and barbeques in the summer.

-Youll always see a bumper sticker that says somethin like O.C. , GIT R DONE or WILDWOOD,

-Our car rides are always some fun, we honk at random people while we drive by for no reason, just for kicks (;

- the beach where we eat jersey fries, mac and mancos pizza, go crabbin, and hava good time ;P

-parties in the middle of fields and houses, and crazy bonfires that last through the night ;P

- The lovely smell of MANOR. ya..were use to it.

- We have the good accents. "Woodur".."I sall you there"..."tawk" we say it good and right.

If your not from South Jersey I recon you should be, and wish ya were (;
(12:00 at night, at home with a friend)
friend 1: Were from south jersey, what the heck are we doin at home, lets go to wawa up the street, like we do every day" (;

friend 2: ya good idea ill go start up the truck (;
by kristinamaried January 08, 2010
("SJ", "The Shore", "Near Philly",
The region of Southern New Jersey, close to Philadelphia, generally middle to upper- middle class.
Often credited by inhabitants only for its convenience stores & (other) inhabitants, who (according to the former) apparently are all assholes.
Political opinion varies per town. Per acre, really. Far left, walk a few blocks, far right.
Highly suburban areas place great emphasis on the youth commmunity, with its good public schooling & numerous trashy high-class shopping outlets.
Most adults aged 30+ are in the suburbs to raise a family. Often through a lifetime of hard work, Baby Boomers settle in a 'nice neighborhood' in SJ only to yield offspring not nearly as disciplined or adept to the outside world.
Most youths who complain about South Jersey stay there, due to inactivity developed from years of complaining.
Most youths, for better and for worse, fall into social categories. Devotion to these labels vary.
Grass covers the highway medians, which is more than North Jersey can say. Wooods still line roads & backyards, and parks, lakes, & pines are but a short drive away.
Rednecks still prevail on the outskirts of suburbia.
A generally nice place to live & grow up.
One of the best places to live in the world in terms of safety, economy, environment, education, etc.
We still complain though. it's not perfect.
(Typical conversation between a South & a North Jerseyan)

North: Hi, I'm from North Jersey.
South: Hi, I'm from South Jersey.
N: Wanna get a sub at the Quick Stop?
S: No, I've got a hoagie from WaWa.
N: I didn't know you liked cold cuts.
S: No, I like lunchmeat.
N: Did you see that show in NYC?
S: No, I saw one in Philly.
N: How do you say 'water'?
S: 'water'.
N: OMG! What about 'coffee'?
N: !!

(Conversation continues with discussions on which region has superior food and whether Central Jersey exists.)

(Wow; most of the bracketed words are filthy!)
by Exxor the Slain February 19, 2006
The better part of New Jersey. Yes, we have Camden, but overall we are the better half of the state. House prices aren't ridiculous, we have fewer factories, and we have the Jersey Shore. Plus, we roll with Philly, which is a much cleaner and less shitty city than New York.
South Jersey kicks North Jersey's ass any day, motherfuckers!
by Dewey June 21, 2004
Well South Jersey is well the best part of New Jersey. If you past through South Jersey you can see the ghetto, suburbs, farms all with in one mile and you can see that almost everyone gets along. People that are born and raised in south jersey you know that when you talk and say water you say wooder, you go to one of the hundreds of super wawa's for tasty cakes and soda not cola, you root for Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, Flyer, and Union. everyone know that jersey shore makes us look bad (they aren't even from jersey). if we didnt have Camden (no hate intended) New Jersey would be the best state ever.
Stupid douche bag not from jersey: Oh you from jersey
South Jersey guy: yea
Stupid douche bag not from jersey: where's your accent
South Jersey guy: go to hell
by Jerseykid99 February 03, 2011
Southern half of New Jersey where the area codes are 609 or 856. You love and represent Wawa as your convenience store, and all Philly teams, despite those who come here and try to root for NY/NJ teams. You go away to school your 1st year or 2 but then realize that South Jersey is where you need to be and transfer to Stockton or Rowan. The sub/hoagie thing is disputable (sub closer to the beaches, hoagie closer to Philly), but it's NEVER a hero or a grinder. We have our South Jersey accent and we're damn proud of it. People really aren't assholes here in my opinion. It's cleaner and has a lot more scenery than the north and it's a great place to raise a family. Yeah Camden and Atlantic City suck but everywhere else is fairly safe. South Jersey is better in all aspects than the north!!!
Me: "Hey where are you from?"
Someone else: "North Jersey, you?"
Me: "South Jersey"
Someone else: "That's cool, want to go to Quick Chek??"
Me: "Hell no, I'll road trip to the nearest Wawa!!"
by Matt609 February 17, 2011
The part NOT influenced by those from New Yawk City. Prior to Atlantic City becoming a gambling hellhole (versus just a abandoned vacation city hellhole) South Jersey was pretty much an entire different land from Northern New Jersey. In fact there was a movement to sucede from Northern New Jersey in the late 1960's but it didn't work. Also reference Piney or Pinies.
The capital of South Jersey could be Vineland.
by econobiker February 22, 2005
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