South Jersey, one of the best places on Earth. The home of Atlantic City, the country's playground. We love Wawa, and if you don't know what the heck a Wawa is, then sure as heck don't live here. Try to snatch a Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet our of our hands, and you'll only have a fraction of your fingers left, gauranteed. We wouldn't dream of pumping our own gas, and the average cost of our houses is anywhere from $5oo,ooo to a cool million. Our lighthouses are beautiful, and the beaches, bays, lakes, and rivers that they overlook are even more stunning. In South Jersey, we know the value of a horse and a farm, much unlike our Northern brethren (they like factories and other toys). We have the sickest accent ever, and yes we drink "wooder" (water), and eat "begels" (bagels). Not from here? That makes you a shoobie, and we automatically don't like you. And yes, we can point you out, no matter how cool, calm or collected you may seem. We're assholes, get over it. Here, the middle finger is worshipped. We looooooove pizza, and other junk that'll kill us in the long run. We do to know how to drive, don't be mad because you're stuck in the slow lane. Some of the hugest political scandals have happened here, and if John Kerry (from here) would have beaten Bush, our country probably would have been better off right now. We're South Jersians, a.k.a Woodies, don't like it, we'll kick your ass.
Tourist: These South Jersey people drive like maniacs!

New Jersian: *beep* Move out of the way asshole, you're drivin like 5 miles an hour.
by piggyears22 August 03, 2008
Not the only place
"Rednecks" or "Gangsters" reside.
Gangs and under-educated people are everywhere. OMG... yes there are even some of these rebels in North Jersey!

Our Farmers produce top quality corn, tomatoes, as well as other fine produce. Our Shore/Beach (whatever you prefer) is exciting and within a hour from most people.

We are "Guilty" of using the word "like" at least 20 times in a story and we have attitude so deal with it.

As for Education the school systems in most areas are great. Subtract Camden from the State and we would be perfect!

South Jersey bad habit #1 Saying the word like to often.
He was like, "I cant wait to go the the concert!" and I was like, "I know but I already asked this other guy to go so get over it." then he was like...
by rackqueen April 12, 2009
A commonly misunderstood region of the country. South Jersey is slightly different than North Jersey. South Jersey calls it a hoagie thank you very much, and South Jersey residents know for a fact that none of them NONE OF THEM are anything, ANYTHING like any cast member from the Jersey Shore.

If you are from South Jersey you do not say "Joisy" and you definatly say "Wooder" not "Water"

Residents should be their own state and they know it. At the very least South Jersey should be combined with Delaware and Philadelphia and its suburbs to make a new state, South Jersey residents really are sick of being connected with the Jersey Shore and North Jersey in general.

New Jersey is a state that gets constantly made fun of by comedians and TV shows yet they make fun of North Jersey associating it with the mob and corruption, South Jersey has it's own downsides to make fun of thank you very much, we are plagued by drugs and corruption of our own we do not need the Mafia to be made fun of.

To summarize the difference between North and South Jersey, you can't gather more than ten people in South Jersey without at least one of them wearing a Philadelphia Phillies shirt in some way or another.

And no the Nets are not ours, when it comes to basketball we stick our heads in the ground and pretend we live in another part of the country.

One final thing, we do not have an accent, everyone else does.
Tourist: "Yo dude I'm seeing red tee-shirts everywhere man! Is it international red day or something?"
Local: "No we're just Phillies fans:
Tourist: "But it's.....winter Spring Training doens't even start for a month"
Local: "You're in South Jersey the more red you see the farther you know you are from the North, and the better"
by Mikedog12 January 30, 2010
The part of New Jersey you don't see in the movies. Full of farms and lots of trees. Probably one of the safest places to live (not north jersey), not industrial at all. We have the best shores on the east coast. Wildwood, ocean city, cape may. We do NOT talk with a New York accent, more of a Philly accent. We say "want to" like "wunna" or "don't know" like "dunno." We say "yo" or "dude" at the beginning of every sentence. Instead of saying "ummm" as a filler, we say "fuckin". We curse in almost every sentence we speak. We don't say "going to the beach" we say "down the shore." We are the only place you will see someone who is half Italian, half Irish. Most of us love all the Philly sports teams and hate the cowboys and giants. We have really hot girls with attitudes, some are trashy, but hey, who doesn't have them. Don't try to say you have a boardwalk unless you live in Wildwood. ITS A HOAGIE, NOT A SUB. You pray to Wawa every night, and you say water like "wooder". Everybody goes to the shore for the prom weekend. Most of us are spoiled, but hey, we are the richest state. We have a great climate, cold in winter, hot in summer. We don't give a shit about what you think, and if you even dare say, "you from joisey huh?" we will tell you to shut the fuck up. We have an accent, but not a ridiculous one, and we don't make fun of you for saying, Y'all, or Eh, right on, etc... We curse way to much (I think i said that). Do not associate us with New York. Finally, we all think that south jersey should be separate from north jersey, we are two totally different kinds of people, so STOP LABELING US.
"Yo, fuckinnnn...what are you doin' tonight?"
"I dunno, dude. Wanna get shitfaced?"
"If we get some fuckin pussy, dude."
"Alright, dude, call me at 10."
"Alright yo, later."

"South Jersey is the best fuckin' place ever, yo."
by bprix March 06, 2008
The southern portion of New Jersey. The definition depends upon where in New Jersey you are from. Newark and Jersey City residents would define South Jersey as anything south of Woodbridge. West of there it would be south of Trenton. Philadelphia area residents define South Jersey as Burlington south. Atlantic City and Cape May residents define South Jersey as south of Tuckerton.
Oh, you're from South Jersey.
by shoredude2 June 19, 2004
The southern portion of new jersey.. comprised of shoreline and nothingness. People in south jersey are usually influenced by crime-ridden philadelphia and their stupid sports teams with violent fans. It is populated with generally nice/ cool people but there are many rednecks, white trash, and stuck up assholes. People from south jersey love to complain about bennies, which are people from north jersey.. as if they don't realize they live in a vacation town. they think they live in southern california.
south jersey person: go home benny!

north jersey person: without me your town's economy would be shit
by cheddarg December 19, 2009
jersey is full of druggies pot heads and sluts. BUT we love it. we got the worst schools but good fights. we say wooder, tawk, cawfee yo and dude a lot and we loveee saying legit. animal braclets are the bomb! if u dont have any then u dont live in township. ITS JERSEY! not josiey, no one says that! no one in jersey calls it NEW jersey. wawa franks pizza and regal is the place to be. soda not pop or cola. we say yea not yes and its cuz not because and hanging out at skater's choice in 6th grade ment that u were "cool" but now if u go to a party and bring beer ur cool.yo smoking weed at the bus stop is wat everyone does. hogies and cheesesteaks- yea man. jersey and philly have the best cheesesteaks and pizza. fast food almost every night its down the shore not the beach. carnavials=<3 there are so many hollister fags. clearview sucks ass! we say ur mom a lot and we talk about sex in almost every sentence and we curse a lot not cuss, curse! yea we can drive, its not us thats the problem, its u so fuck off yea we are stuck up so if ur from jersey u think ur better then everyone else and its true dont mess with us, we got italian or irish tempers. we are very random people. peace to u and ur mother.
new yorker: i can kick your joisey ass! your so gay from south jersey and all now go and get me some water

jerseyian: naw man i will fuck u up so fuck u, u fucking cunt get ur own damn wooder btw ur mom is a great fucker
by yoimcool26 February 10, 2010

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