South Jersey is the mentally slower part of the great state of New Jersey. After going to college in South Jersey after I had been raised in North Jersey, I realized I had to take it down several notches on speed of thought, expression AND action to be able to relate to South Jersians at all, as did most other North Jersians I encountered.
Me: "Where are my cigarettes?"
South Jersey WaWa attendant: "Oh, I didn't get to them yet, I am still working on your Lottery Tickets."
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry I am from North Jersey and forgot where I was. My bad."
by Rebootie July 07, 2006
Top Definition
South Jersey..because Philadelphia is our city, we love WaWa(and there is at least 1 every 5 miles), the Eagles(people randomly shout out the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES cheer EVERYWHERE), a good hoagie not sub/hero, a real cheesesteak, jimmies on our ice cream, you ask what exit one if from off of the NJ turnpike,its the shore not the beach (and you always go there after prom), you know where the cherry hill, moorestown, deptford and even echelon mall are, and we think North Jersey should be a separate state.
It's wudder not water.
by Nicole May 07, 2005
Southern part of jersey obvoiusly. People who live there have a 'south jersey accent.' we dont say JOYSEEY, we say JERZY. Wawa's took over all the 7-11s and you go somewhere other then jersey you wonder why there arent any wawas... South Jerzy rockz
South Jersy Choir DIrector:
Just becuz you live in SOUTH jersey doesn't mean you have to sound like it!
by n/a March 19, 2005
if your from south jersey, all you do is get "fucked-up" on PBR or Miller-light on the weekends. you wanna get out, but you still love it. you think philly is the shit. you go to wildwood after prom. you shop mainly in delaware. you dont watch real world: philly. your school probably sucks. you go to wawa at least once a week. you say "wooter". youre the only person in the tri-state area that can drive a car properly. you think that north jersey should be a diffrent state, its completely diffrent. youre proud, and you love it.
i <3 south jersey so much, i cant wait to get the fuck outa here.
by cheeko March 14, 2005
The southern half of New Jersey. Made up of these counties: Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Ocean, Atlantic, Salem, Cumberland, & Cape May. South Jersey's two area codes are 856 & 609. Trenton does not count as South Jersey but Six Flags Great Adventure does. Anything south of I-195 is South Jersey. South Jersey has no sports teams and no one roots for the Nets or Devils, they root for the 76ers, Eagles, Flyers, & Phillies. South Jersey got Camden, which is one of the most dangerous cities in America. South Jersey is really nice and it aint really like the hood. SJ Rules!!!
South Jersey is the shiznit. :)

You Down with O.P.P? yeah u kno me!
by Treach July 20, 2004
south jersey is the southern region of New Jersey. How do you know what is south jersey? take out your map of New Jersey get out a big red marker and draw a line that slopes from south of trenton down to just north of atlantic city. If your from south jersey you most likely LOVE wawas, and you LOVE philadelphia and philadelphia sports teams, also you HATE north jersey, they are all so lame up there.
I'm from south jersey, I think I am going to eat a wawa hogie while watching the philadelphia eagles
by iamslowlyfading February 10, 2005
South Jersey is the best in the world. First and foremost you can't purchase lottery tickets at WaWa...only at Hertiage and 7-11 if you can find one. You can get to almost anywhere on the White and Black Horse Pikes, Rt 73 and Rt 42. We don't have to get out the car to pump gas. You look forward every summer to eat Jersey corn, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries and blueberries from roadside stands. You don't have to leave South Jersey to have a good time and if you do just pay 3 dollars to roll across the bridge for some city fun.
South Jersey is a great place to live.
by Str8 So. Jerzee chick September 28, 2007
You go to a north jersey school and they all make fun of the way you say your "o"s because they just dont know how to fucking say it. North jersey is scum to you. you LOVE hoagies and might have even worked in a hoagie place. u know where to get a good cheesesteak and even if u dont really like wawa u still rep it. Philly is your city and u dont care how many times the phillies or eagles have let you down, you STILL love them and support them. North jersey really is its own state. SOUTH JERSEY IS WHERE ITS AT BABY and ill take being a hippie over being an uptight NY wanna be any day.
South jersey is just the shit
by Sozz October 29, 2005
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