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This part of Oshawa is the primary source of white trash. Many who live here foster offspring which have the curious tendency of displaying, and also emulating, behaviour which is generally characteristic of the same types of abnormalites, and anti-social behaviours found in young, adolescent, African-American males residing in locations such as Detroit, Michigan, Compton, California and Harlem, New York. This severe, yet treatable condition has been diagnosed by psychologists specializing in adolescent behaviour as "Wiggeritis", and is generally prevalent in males between the ages of 14 and 25, however, rare and extreme cases of "Wiggeritis" has been exhibited in females within the same age bracket as their male counterparts.
As for the next demographic, single, white females, between the ages of 25 and 50 generally reside with their infected offspring for durations longer than normal when compared to most developed nations. This demographic usually produces 2.9 children per woman by the age of 16 and continually fosters the offspring by resources provided by various social assitance programs. Most of these women have little or no education, have been abandoned by their male companions, and carry more than 3 to 8 sexually transmitted diseases.
When the accounted age of this demographic falls between the 30 to 50 bracket, a noticable change in social attitude becomes apparent. It is not uncommon for these women to become overweight, fancy young black males, eat massive quantities of pork, and engage in excessive drink and occasional hard drug use. This type of demographic is generally labeled by the local populous as "Fat White Welfare Mom". The anti-social aspects include many risk factors to the general population. Notices of precaution are widely known among local populations in an effort to continue upholding peace and calm which may be disturbed by the "Fat White Welfare Mom".
Of these precautions, none is more apparant and dire than what is reffered to as the Parking Space Dispute.
This type of dispute can occur at any point, any time, with anyone, regardless of race, color or creed. It normally involves any abnormality which may be caused by an opposing party in the planning, method or contingency deployed when parking their vehicle. As one would assume, malls, cinemas and other areas where vehicle parking facilites are provided, are the primary locations in which the Parking Space Dispute can occur. The anti-social behaviour of the "Fat White Welfare Mom" has been characterized by psychologists as similar to that of rabid west Jamaican monkeys during the spring mating seasons.
The only solution to avoid confrontation with the "Fat White Welfare Mom" is to either use the safety and offensive capabilites of the vehicle to incapacite or otherwise maim the "Fat White Welfare Mom", or, simply to grasp the human understanding which created the problem initially, and provide the right of way.
fat welfare mom : NO, i can not pay my bill until the first, i get my welfare check then ..

hydro lady : sorry.. we have to disconnect your electricity.

fat welfare mom : oh no bitch you did not

south oshawa
by JohnnyCash August 01, 2007
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