when a womans vagina is turned horizontally not vertical
Hey Chuck did you check ritas South mouth in that party she had it out teasing us with john waynes harmonica
by supercalfragilistic your mum January 14, 2009
Top Definition
Another name for the female sex organ.
Q. Does the south mouth have any teeth?

A. If you had ever been inside a vagina you would know that the south mouth does not have any teeth.
by PeeBee January 21, 2004
The vagina, or the area surrounding the vagina.
"I gave her a smooch on the ol' southmouth."
by SeanG October 11, 2006
A euphemism for a vagina.
not only did i get a bj, i also got to bang her south-mouth.
by Rahl07 June 01, 2014
A woman's vagina.
I told my girlfriend that her pussy wasn't breathing and that she needed mouth to mouth on her "south mouth".
by Ivanivich December 03, 2013
A slang term referring to a womans vaniga. "A toothless mouth turned sideways." If a vagina was a city or town, it would be called "South Mouth."
She let me hump her mouth (the north one), and then directly after, allowed me to visit South Mouth
by ballsandtheworstrash September 13, 2010
The rectum.
After we ate that late night Mexican food, I puked out of my SouthMouth.
by NickLightning June 15, 2015
slut, hoe, girls who would give any guy a blow-job.
Man #1 Damn that girl right there is fine
Man #2 Yeah she fine but i heard she a south mouth triflin' hoe
by 4evatwisted June 16, 2008
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