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a cool ass city within Dallas with cool people while the north side of irving is full of businesses rich folks with a charter school named north hills, and a high school called macarthur high which are more well known the south side is patched up with a mixture of everything you never see anything perfect one minute you see a nice neighborhood next minute old houses from the 70's and 80's and some even before that trailer homes or beat down apartments roach infected a few been torn down around 2009-2010 for it's horrible management.Not a stranger to drugs yet It's a nice place overall it's not as bad as some other places in Dallas just don't expect to be worry free if you got kids because it's easy to get corrupted the schools consist of irving high and nimitz and sometimes kids from outside of irving enroll too if you have kids raise them in las colinas the north side of irving at the same time if you have a good family structure at home you can raise your kids anywhere you want and they'll be good
person 1: what you up to homie?

person 2: nothing man trying to find a apartment in south irving just had my kid

person 1: word? try the northside mayne the southside can get a little suspect if you got lil mini you's runnin round

person 2: ha cool.
by alwaysreal777 April 23, 2011

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