A Harsh neighborhood in Los Angeles California; AKA L.A's ghetto
Yo MAn Southcentral a fucked ass hood'
by AC April 23, 2003
Ghettoland, a very bad place to go. Capital murder rate is no. 1.
Don't go to South Central if you don't care about your life.
by Saints November 18, 2003
In between central and south end of Yarmouth nova Scotia.Where lots of shady happenings used to go down and where the cops roll thru every 5 minutes
Best protect you neck in the South Central homie suckas get shot in this bitch
by Big Daddy Johnson September 01, 2005
slang for genitals and/or balls
girl: im gonna kick you in your south central

guy: what?

by Miguel July 18, 2004
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