mispronunciation of the word 'south' mostly by eastern Europeans who lack the ability to annunciate the English 'th' sound.
Shawn: Yo, man I want to come down so we can get some cheesesteaks on the boardwalk
Jeff: Cool get your cotz (see def.) on the Parkway Souse and get off at 82A
Martin: howsitgoin
by peasandqueues April 01, 2008
Top Definition
A person who drinks copious amounts of liquor and inevitably makes a giant fool of themself.
Oh man, Lucy was so wasted last night! Falling down those stairs guaranteed her the souse award.
by Tbloor February 19, 2007
verb form of souser. this word can be an adjective, noun, verb, etc. It's a derogatory remark used to engender hostility and cast derision.
That motherfucker is such a fucking souse.
by King Souser March 28, 2005
How an Eastern European says 'south' with their lack of ability to annunciate the 'th' sound.
Shawn: How do I get my cotz to midway cheesesteaks?
Jeff: Take the Parkway Souse to exit 82.
by peasandqueues April 01, 2008
1. a meat jelly made from the leftovers of animals that don't even end up in alpo.

2. a term describe a huge,strong, smelly, slimy woman.
o god! It smells all vinegary and its oozing this fluid! Just like the souse!
by BAG-HEAD! August 08, 2006
verb: when two things collide. Example... He soused right into that black car. Eastern KY slang.
Example... He soused right into that black car. Eastern KY slang.
by Mammy Stout December 24, 2003
A bodily substance found to be highly desireable by the Skeezix in the old Uncle Wiggily stories. Connotation is not vulgar or nasty. "Souse" was never described or defined, just referred to in a threat.
"I'm going to get your souse!"
by Dum-Dum September 21, 2003
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