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The false denial of desire for something sought but not acquired; to denigrate and feign disdain for the vagina which one could not attain.

Source: A tiger named Pepsei
Read my lips you infected pus-dribbling sour vagina: you are just jealous RossMAN's getting all that young, hot & dumb poon with minimal effort. His sexual prowess makes you feel like an inadequate and sad masturbating bear.
#sour grapes #casiotech #sulk #douchebag #cry baby
by theprodigalrebel October 11, 2007
1.) Someone who has a bad attitude about whatever is displeasing them that day.

2.) Someone who doesn't feel like joking around and would rather sit and sulk in the corner with their own sadness.
Gen: Why is Jessica being such a sour vagina?

Vanessa: Because she realized she was a 12 on the hot scale.
#sour #vagina #poon #whiner #crybaby
by ohnoitsgennie October 18, 2011
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