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The "candy" Tino needs to shove up her gooch.
Tino was well on her way to achieving the MSA standard of 400 lbs. ass as she gorged herself on delicious sour snatch kids while she chortled voluminously.
by Ralph Ploppa March 27, 2009
4 4
variation of sour patch kids
something you want when you are either hungry or horny
go into and ask if they have any sour snatch kids
by dan koert January 21, 2009
5 1
The globules of fishy discharge that Tino produces/thrives on for survival
Mulleted, anti-punctuation and contraction "Tino": Gimmie 'dem Sour Snatch Kids!! ARRRRRGGGHHH! Me hungwy with stwess! Time to go potty!!
by R.Biggles March 27, 2009
3 0