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A military term that describes the way a serviceman's uniform, or haircut looks.
"Recruit, what the hell is up with your hair, it looks like a fucking soup-sandwich!"

"Airman Langendorfer, you've got to be shitting me, your shoes look like a soup-sandwich!"
by NatePD May 17, 2010
adj. The quality of being entirely screwed up. See also ate-up.
What the hell is this? You call this a car? The tires are flat, the engine block is cracked, and the left turn signal doesn't work. It's soup-sandwich.
by eidechse July 04, 2004
A slang street/prison term used to describe the softness in a person who is supposed to be "Stand-up" or "Solid" and clearly, is not.
Someone is supposed to be a lookout in a particular situation, eg; smuggling, smoking,using drugs, and the individual does not or even worse, rats his friends out, he is 'solid like a soup sandwich'.
by carseyjones October 18, 2011
A soup sandwich can be a very messy cuisine option unless you use a bread bowl in which case is most definitely a sandwich.
cream of broccoli in a whole wheat bread bowl is a Soup sandwich
by G-baller May 08, 2011

Refers to something that is impossible or messed up beyond belief.

Used Extensively in the US Navy and US Army.
Johnson's fucked up like a soup sandwhich.

This whole fucking operation is a soup sandwhich.
by DGunner71 August 18, 2005
a term used to describe a feeling after a particularly heavy night of drinking or drug use. Coined from the title of a song penned by a band called Intox, out of Rochester New York. Also used to describe a persons life that is spinning out of control.
I drank so much last night, I cant get out of bed today, I feel like a soup sandwich.

I cant believe that I saw my ex turning tricks downtown. Her life must be a soup sandwich right about now.

by Capellupo November 13, 2007
An unbelievably messy situation. Think literally, two pieces of bread with soup in between.
With 3 ex-boyfriends in the room, the possiblility of a SOUP SANDWICH was high.
by Dan Seaberg January 16, 2008