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Remark said while inside Valencia Community College in Central Florida as a way to describe the people and environment.
Man this place is like a soup kitchen, fuck!
by cheerleader eater January 11, 2010
When multiple people pee in an abandoned car.
Man, did you see that abandoned Prius? It was totally a Soup Kitchen. All those guys peed in it.
by Barb&Soup September 04, 2011
An orgy of homeless men in the back seat of a car.
Dude dirty joe and his boys just got done making a soup kitchen out of the back of my Prius!
by Cum Dumpster Dan69 August 07, 2010
refers to the soupy consistency of a bowel movement the morning after a heavy night of drinking.
"Chris opened up the soup kitchen pretty early after he pounded a bottle of jager last night."

"Following a long night of drinking, topped off by a grande meal at taco bell, early next morning walking to the bathroom John exclaimed "the soup kitchen is about to open for business"
by chris///M April 19, 2009
a.k.a my mate dead ian who gets his social security fortnightly and buys crap with it so has to go to the soup kitchen to drink some homeless guys bladder contents including the lumps!
"hey ian that guys got the runs.how hungry are you? shall we go down the soup kitchen or just eat this shit?"
by harray shipmonay March 05, 2008
the act of seven people expelling diarreah, semen, urine, vomit, anal puss, blood, and toothpaste, then mixing it up then injecting it into ones earlobes then pouring all over there mothers body.
John: How was your thanksgiving?
Steve: we had a soup kitchen!, and apparently my moms allergic to toothpaste.
by gayboyfagstickdickballsbob November 28, 2010
When a person gives out as many sexual favors as a soup kitchen gives out soup. Many favors to many different people.
Guy 1: Man, I see that girl making out with a new guy like every week. She must be so easy.

Guy 2: Yeah dude, she's a soup kitchen.
by Willy B. August 19, 2006