When homeless people partake in sexual activity in a car.

Some times leaving behind items like new born babies and/or dead mice in used condoms.
Ryan: Why does it smell like alcohol and dirty pussy in here?

by illeppilifttam August 06, 2010
when a bunch of homeless people have an orgy in a random car
dirty mike and the boys had a soup kitchen in your car (other guys)
by lovecat9 February 04, 2015
A form of at lease four or more homeless individuals; pile in the backseat of a baby blue prius for a prolonged(2-3 hour orgy) until they become limb, soar, tired or just get bored
"Hey bro, today I was going to my car and I opened up the door of my backseat guess what I found yep a pretty nasty Soup Kitchen
by Dannofication April 29, 2011
the act of kneeling down and jerking off a group of homeless men into your mouth
"Hey are you busy on saturday?"

"Yeah im im giving out soup kitchens at the Y."

"Dont you mean working at a soup kitchen?"

by soup kitchen dave January 05, 2013
A bunch of homosexual homeless people having an orgy in a vehicle.
Those homeless people just had a soup kitchen in my prius
by Treyday June 01, 2011
a gay hobo orgy inside a strangers car
brian: kevin you dumbass, you signed up for the wrong soup kitchen!
Keviin: i'll never look at cambells soup the same way.
by spoons mcgee wilson August 11, 2010
When you put your mouth around the butthole of a person with diarrhea and they just let it flow.
Man, Jimmy had the squirts REAL bad, so he took me to the Soup Kitchen.
by bigboysouth August 21, 2011
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