A slang for music in the form of CDs or cassettes.
Jack: You stole my sounds!
Lehiff: They were crap.
Jakc: You was listening to 'em!
by Andrew M. M. August 07, 2006
Um...that thing you hear, I guess.
Do you hear that sound, dear?
by David Kityoff September 29, 2008
to bust or rank on some one about appearence or something else. also known as snappin
"yo, you gonna let that nigga sound on you like that?"
by Bobby R September 29, 2005
I person who knows what the hell he/she is doing with their life and make it happen
my freind walked up calmly to the girl and asked for her number without sounding stupid. How sound is that?
by Trinka May 02, 2005
some gronk that idles in a IRC channel, thinking his the best and everything and talks about how gay he is
* Now talking in #gayporn
<Sounds> hay everyone, i got a collection of hardcore gayporn staring me inside
by [w00t] September 18, 2004
WOW everyone uses the "smart" definition. it means N O I S E you fucking retards
creek errk creek errk
-honey, uhh, why, uhh, is, uhh, the bed, uhh, making, uhh, that, uhh, sound, uhh
-uhh, i, uhh, dont, uhh, know, uhh
by Urban Dictionary March 17, 2005
To be sound: Irish slang. To be sound is a state of existence. It usually refers to someone who willingly does a favour, asked or not, although usually unexpected - Like when you ask for one rollie and your given two, or the bouncer to an over 21s let's you in when your 20.

Alternatively, "sound" can be used as an adjective to describe a genuine, nice person.
-Man, can I have two of those Rowntrees?

-Here, you can have the rest of the packet

- AW, sound!
by Deppstache June 05, 2015

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