1)anything/anyone who is cool,good, okey doke, particularly in the sense of being trustworthy/reliable etc etc.

british slang.

when someone/something's really, really 'sound' you say they're 'sound as a pound.' ie they're so sound, they're as trustworthy as the wonderful british currency!!! that's one hell of a compliment.

2) moaning, losing your temper over something. ( as in 'sounding off')
1) some people don't like that girl, but i think she's pretty sound actually.

- that's my best mate over there. he's sound as a pound he is.

2) she's sounding off about some crap no one cares about again!!
by spig March 12, 2006
sound is often used by townies, a describing word for summat cool and great.
in a footy match:
"did ya see that kick? that was sound!"

rele cool phrases it can be used in:
"he is as sound as a pound!"
by siobhanjones December 02, 2004
when something is beyond all greatness and the excitment is all out the sound comes to mind and satisfaction is achived
"well sound!"
by ya mam December 02, 2003
someone that you like or think has a good personality, or has qualities that you like.
"He's such a fag, my god !"
"What the fuck are ya sayin' ? He's pure sound !!"
by BendOverAndI'llSmackYourBumBum April 02, 2008
meanin good. not like SanJ Street said before cos if you ask for a fag and they say they ent got none left and you say sound mate it sounds sarcastic as fuk.
beccy: i went to Scream last nite
scuz: yeh?
beccy: yeh it was wel sound!!
scuz: tru
by ali p April 15, 2005
short for "sound system," i.e. a DJ collective, sometimes mobile. roots in jamaican culture, particularly dub or dancehall. a sound consists of selectors and deejays. the selector spins dubplates through usually massive wattage, and may be accompanied by the deejay, who will chat over the tunes. rival sounds may challenge one another, in a soundclash. the winning sound is said to "kill" the other sound.
ring the alarm, another sound is dying. woa-oh, hey.
by tht! tne May 24, 2005
safe,safety,easy, noise, mega easy, descent. expressed gratitude
added usage: 'sound man sound' point with index and thumb and raise & shake from elbow. - gesture to truly express 'soundness'(see other definations)
by nicktheo May 16, 2006

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