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Soulwax is a Belgian band, founded by the Dewaele brothers, who are also known as their dj-alter egos 2 many dj's.

They made 3 albums so far, "Leave the story untold", "Much against everyone's advice", and their last album "Any minute now".
I heard soulwax is playing tonight.
by FLuKee August 04, 2004
31 8
When you are eating a girl out and uterus wax leaks into your mouth. This can happen when a girl is pregnant or when they are on their period
"Dude, jillian soulwaxed in my mouth last night!"

by Soulwaxer4 October 16, 2013
0 0
Creator of musical mashups. Search for his name on filesharing clients.
Soulwax created the "Smells like Bootylicious" mashup
by donth January 21, 2004
7 14