The person that u know will always be with u. Through the thick and thin he/she will stand by ur side. U have been with this person for awhile and know that u couldnt handle life w/o him/her. It's very easy..he/she is ur soulmate.
soulmates together forever destined for eachother
Ryan stands by me everyday,, I trust him with all my heart, and love him very much, he must be my soulmate.
by RensKitty November 07, 2007
Soulmate is something (most likely something pretty awesome) that most people don't nor will ever have.
Me: "Hey Tomer, have you ever had the feeling of being bound to someone in such a great way that you felt like you were soulmates?"
Tomer: "you owe me 1000 bucks:) hehehehe" *looks at Eli*
Me: "Neither have I"
Tomer: "superman fly lol:) good movie:)"
Me: "Yeah."
by Roeef January 12, 2007
when its jus easy and comfortable to b with some one. you dont need to explain urself cause on some level you deeply understand each other. whether or NOT you're in a relationship and even if ur not in the same country you know you are always there for each matter what.
A bit like LOVE but more precise. The preasure of LOVE is not neccessary in it as its apparent without words!
I cant belive theres only two definitions for this and like 250 (some crap ones) for LOVE!!?
"Me and ... are on the same wavelength man! I love spending time with him."
"what like a soulmate?"
"yeah i reckon"
by angel June 12, 2004
You may be lucky enough to find one of these in your life time. A soul mate is the kind of person who you can walk around San Francisco with, acting like a goblin, or a raptor, and they wont judge you at all. You can eve show off all your dance moves, and they just laugh at you, in a loving way. A soul mate is the kind of person who you can sing Robin Thicke's - Lost Without U with on the Bart as loud as you can, and not care who hears or looks. They are the kind of person who you can listen to an epic harmonica solo with, while making harmonica noises in the car, and when you look over and say, "This makes me thing of Rosanne," they go "OMG ME TOO." They are the kind of person who when Tegan and Sara's - Nineteen comes on, you both look at each other, laugh, and realize that the song was written about you two. They are the person who you can get the Troy and Abed handshake down with, with no practice, without even trying. They are the ying to your yang. They eat your green food. And don't hate you for watching glee. They are your best friend. They are your companion.
Ex. 1
M - "Hey do you know Julia?"
S - "Know her!? She's my soul mate!"

Ex. 2

T and S - "I felt you in my heart, before I even knew you!"
J and S - *look at each other and laugh*
S - "Soul Mates."
by MrCleverFox October 24, 2011
A phrase that you absolutely do not want thrown around when you're in a long distance relationship, planning to break up with your girlfriend. Just the imagery of the word popping up in a text message or on paper makes you cringe, because it spawns the idea of spending the rest of your life passively unhappy, unwilling to admit to her that you're not happy because you're afraid of hurting her feelings. Though, you don't know why that's much of a factor in the situation, because you've dumped her four times before, but she always manages to creep back into your life. Time after time, after time.
"You're my soul mate, baby, and I love you."

"I think I have diarrhea."
by John Motherlicking Candy December 13, 2012
A term mentioned a lot in American television talk shows and by pop 'psychologists' like Dr Phil. A psuedo metaphysical cliché based on normative assumptions about personal relationships.

It is an elusive and subjective term and any definition would be to apply a generalisation to personal relationships. It could be argued that searching for a 'soulmate' will only lead to frustration because it is questionable that such an entity even exists.
Mary has become depressed because she believes her past relationships failed, as she was unable to locate her supposed soulmate out of the billions of inhabitants of planet Earth.

As a well known song states "It's got to be, perfect and I won't take anything less". Mary follows this statement too closely and is lead to constant disappointment, because she believes life is like a romance novel.
by RealityR January 10, 2012
Someone you wish to share everything in your life with, its like love, but you are not lovers, you simply want to be with the person a spend every second of your life with
Me and my "boyfriend".. soul mates
by x0operfectlybrokeno0x August 07, 2006

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