Someone who you can share everything with, and feel good about it.
Someone who is always there for you, just because you are you.
Someone you share your deepest emotions with.
And someone you share a bubble with when noone else would.
And someone you only need to tell half the story and they understand it all...
do you know Malin? She is always so understanding,and she is always there when i need her, it feels like she is a part of me. Malin is my Soulmate
by Tornintwoparts November 06, 2010
Someone whom you feel an unconditional love for. Someone you love even when they are not so lovable. Someone you want to stay commited to. Someone you want to be with for the rest of your life. And no matter annoy you or hurt you, you will always love them.
He is so annoying, but he is still my soulmate!
by Bertholdt May 20, 2014
A person whom you share a special connection and unique bond with, that seems to go far deeper than anything you have experienced before.
Today I woke up and thought about the love of my life and my heart filled with joy and I wondered what she was doing at that very moment. She contacted me a moment later wondering what I was doing myself, because as soulmates we had both been thinking the same thing at the same times as we often do. We are literally two halves of one whole. She is my world.
by Arcca-Daton May 03, 2010
Someone that makes you feel special,will love you to the moon and back your meant to be together
Guy:the only other girl rant I will love is our daughter.

Girl:Aww,your my soulmate!!
by Funbun23 April 09, 2014
Your soulmate is the person you can trust with your life without giving it a single thought. It's the person you would take bullets for because seeing them in any form of pain or discomfort hurts you more than any kind of torture. You know it's them when saying goodbye even for a few moments feels like your heart's splitting in two. When messaging them goodnight feels like a punch in the gut. Your soulmate is the person you want to hold tightly and never let go. It's the person you love unconditionaly with all your heart. The person you can't live without because there is no future for you without them. It's the person you can fall asleep on in public and private places without worry. It's the person who loves you for your faults just as much as they love you for your strengths. The person who will stand by your side when times get rough, catch you when you fall, and hold you up away from those who try to knock you down. Just the thought of that person brightens your day and makes you grin Happily for all to see. It's because of them you can truthfuly say that you are content and happy with your life. It's when they love you just as much as you love them and they feel the same way you do. When they depend on you just as much as you depend on them.

Your soulmate is the person tied to you by the red sting of fate... But it's your choice to hold on to that string and never let go no matter the situation.
"What's up with Jane recently? She's been blanking out and grinning like an idiot!"
"It's because she's found her soulmate, stupid!"

"Of course!"
"Uhhh.....It's been 5 minutes~ You can let go now!?"
"Never~ I'm never letting go~"

"What are some of my faults?"
"What do you mean none? Everyone has faults."
"Not you. You are absolutely perfect."
by Kazuki~chan September 09, 2013
Soulmate? Well this should be a given. A soulmate can't be met for the only one whom exists is mine, my Addiebear. You should envy me, because there are 7 billion people on earth and just one soulmate, and she's mine. If this doesn't make sense, then that's so unfortunate for you. This girl, through my eyes—sober eyes, 20/20 vision, with no visual defects nor any other internal or external distortions and without any motive other than a pure fact, to me, is that she's absolutely flawless. She doesn't like to think so, but, I couldn't expect her nor anybody else to accept such a strong, incredible and rare truth of one's self without feeling some lack of humility, but she doesn't have to accept it. We know that 2+2=4—sure you don't have to like it or agree with it but that doesn't make it suddenly equal to anything other than four; it's just a fact. This beautiful girl whom is mine forever and after, is a perfect synonym for every possible adjective which is good in any language, yet there lack a million words that even come close to surmounting to a true representation of who she is and there will truly never be a way to describe how incredible she is. I fall in love with her over and over again, every single day, every moment and every breath which I take is a breath taken by her. The first time I kissed her, was truly—the last first kiss I would ever take, and she remains and
will forever stay to be my very first love, and my very last love. Everything she does is beautiful. The way she walks, the way she talks, her smile, her eyes, her voice, her hair and her figure and her charisma and her charm and intelligence and vibrancy, all of which only account for a mere fraction of her entirety, is simply beautiful, and even that is an understatement. For those seeking their soulmate, I'm afraid to say that "their" soulmate is anything but "theirs", for the one and only exists as mine, my Addiebear—my SOULMATE
by WyBearPistachio August 29, 2014
when Im with you im the happiest, you complete me i complete you, i just want to say i love you and hold you in my arms. You make me the happiest and feel like nothings wrong in the world
Sam and Leah are soul mates
by Papabear5611 May 24, 2010

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