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Soulmates is loving someone because
it is all youve ever known
to love them.
It is to have perfect understanding
and a need of each other
that is unexplainable
and a connection, that is much as unlogical, as it is unfathomable
not only a great joy, to be with each other, but also a great sorrow, to be apart
to find a calm, within a busy hectic lifestyle
to be able to think clearly
for the first time in your life
to feel, as if you are making the right choice, with all certainty for once
to not be embarrased, or care
that you are kissing Them, in front of a huge crowd, but to feel all that really matters to you
is if your enough to make them happy,
to be the one They adore
From the first time they met, they had a connection that was more real then anything they had ever felt, they felt as if they were soulmates, designed specifically for each other
by Loving Rioter February 15, 2009
The other half of your brain. The one who will always be there spiritually because apparently both people know what's on each others mind without even saying much out loud and without judgement (unlike other people in the world). NO one comes close to this connection, apparently it is said you only meet this person once in a lifetime. I wouldn't say it would be love just a really deep connection that is hard to find. If in another lifetime these two people would meet again then they would probably end up gettin married. Life would be nothing if one half of the brain/conscious was without this person.
Johnny is my soulmate, no matter how may people do not understand 'us'.
by chewwy April 23, 2006
A soulmate is someone who you love deeply and feel a strong connection with,

Soulmates are people who have not given up on their relationship and are always ready to overcome anything thrown in their path, together. They are willing to compromise, open themselves up, and communicate ALWAYS. They WORK for their relationship.
I've been with my soulmate for 50 years. Even though times were tough I knew that we could overcome them. I still look into my partners eyes and wonder how I ever got someone so amazing.
by SereneMelody January 14, 2010
Main Entry: soul mate
Function: noun
: the one person in your life who knows you, understands you, loves you, completes you like <i>NO OTHER</i>. someone you can't live without. the person who can change it all with one word. someone you can't live without. the one person you want to give the world to. no matter what you've gone thru, life would seem meaningless to continue without them. someone you would give your life for. someone you miss and want back to love.
Carlos is my soulmate whether he is with me or not; I will love him for all eternity.
by Mayra December 30, 2004
The most spiritual and beautiful thing a person can witness throughout their life. Also seesoulmate :)
I will always believe Ladislav and I were soulmates, whether he is with me or not ;I will love him forever <3
by Jennifer October 13, 2004
The person that when you are with them you feel that all is right in the world. The person that you can't live without-the only person in the world that understands you completely. the couple that no one understands why or how they are so in love
Elliott and Kali are soul mates
by iloveyouelliottritz February 06, 2011
Our soulmate is the confidence to challenge our insecurity, the solution to our problems, the bravery to match our fear & the offering of love to sooth our hate. We all have an empty place in our hearts, one thats reserved for your other half, the one who knows you inside out, who understands you by just glancing into your eyes. Like all great, wonderful, truely amazing things, your soulmate isn't easy to find, but we all have one. When people hear "soulmate", they usually think of "lover", but thats not nessicarily true. Your soulmate doesnt have to be of the opposite sex, & there doesnt have to be any sexual attraction between you, but more often than not there is. When you find your soulmate, there's no question if its them or not, you'll just know, because you'll recognize them as they'll recognize you. After all, how can you not know your other half when you see them? Many soulmates take eons, lifetimes to find, but one day you will find them. So, good luck & may the odds be ever in your favour. <3
Person 1: it feels like there's something missing inside me!
Person 2: don't worry, once you find your soulmate, you'll feel better (y)