Synonym for awful.
That kid sounds like souljah boy.

Lets cut his tongue out!
by ditkadogz July 18, 2008
Top Definition
A talentless caricature of the black southern male who, at the ripe old age of 17, has made a name for himself with one of the worst songs (and hottest ringtones) of 2007, and probably damned any chance he ever had at a serious MC career.
"Isn't that souljah boy "crank that" song about degrading women?"
by watchfulwon January 22, 2008
a sorry excuse for a musician
Harry: You listen to that new souljah boy's sweet
Bob: You're SO gay
by Nat Schuff February 13, 2008
William Lyons, AKA Souljah Boy, former member of Mo Thugs Family.
Souljah Boy is not the same as Soulja Boy.
by car2908s34556 April 26, 2008
Souljah Boy could also be a reference to the penis.
"Watch Me crank dat Souljah boy now superman dat hoe."
by Shannon Berryhill February 29, 2008
One of the hottest lyricists to come out in 2007. His rhymes are definitely hot. Considered to be on of the best rappers that have ever appeared on the game, compared right next to other big time players such as Benzino, Lil Wayne and 50 cent.
guy:u ever heard souljah boy, dam dat nigga is HOT
guy2:i agree
by thisishot February 06, 2008
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