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Like a soulmate, but a friendship thing. A strictly plutonic relationship, where each party just "gets it." You can have have several soul twins- they can be same sex, etc.
Only my soul twin would find the humor in a bunny with a pancake on its head.
by Megasaurus May 15, 2006
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A soul twin is someone, usually a best friend, whom which you know inside and out and vise versa. This is the person, generally outside your family, who gets you explicitly. This person will feel like a twin to you, because you'll be able to ascertain their every feeling with little effort and the same will be for you. You'll feel an uncomparable connection to them whether you are together or apart. This person likely knows how you feel before you speak to them because they can read your facial expression and over all "vibe" clearly. It's the same for you. This is a relationship to be cherished. An individual outside your blood who you get and gets you with out condition.
I met my soul twin when I was seven. 21 years later and she still calls me out for my incognito bitchy faces
by BLTplease March 10, 2016
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