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At a club, a group of people dancing will often make a crowd on both sides of a single person, who proceeds to bust out cool dance moves by themselves. Generally the person in the middle will dance down the "aisle" of people.
Damn, did you see Liz bust out a move during the soul train tonight?
by LILIZ September 07, 2005
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a black conga line, named after a tv show of the same name Soul Train. its not called a conga line due to the black person's sense of rhytmn, soul, pride, and unbreakable bond that black people have with each other.
Guy 1: hey want to get on the conga line
Cool Black Person: Naah nigga im gettin on the Soul Train
by manfuckthepolice January 10, 2011
Reference to the old "Soul Train" show; To be vaginally or rectally penetrated by a sequence of various african american cocks.
Nathan: Dude, that chick in the pink is extremely hott!
Derek: Nah dude, I heard last week she got the soul train, compliments of the entire basketball team.
by Seymour30 April 28, 2009
A line of black guys all going down on one person (A line of black guys waiting to get the one white chick)
Arturo screamed ecstatically when he felt the soul trains fiery embrace!
by Sealfiftysix1 January 05, 2011
When a black kid is getting his freak on at the pool
I looked out my window and this lil black kid was getting his soul train on at the pool
by Tattooed Mother July 10, 2009
Similar to a Man train, but it only consists of African americans with afros forming a main train. black people typically have some soul in them, so it is considered a soul train.
Black homo 1: Daym dat soul train sure was chugging along last night.
black homo 2: mmhmmmmm(in bitchy black girl voice)
by bobosbeatinonu May 23, 2011
a single line of hair extending at least 1 foot anywhere on your body such as back, belly, legs, or even down your 1 foot penis.
Paris said, stick your soul train down my mouth
by J*Evans March 19, 2010

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