When one eats the mixture created by a wet pussy with semen on it.
Yo guys, Mileena told me Triforce likes to eat soul bowls.
by curvybanana July 15, 2010
Top Definition
When stoners roast a bowl at the same time, while at different locations, simulating a session.
If Asa was in Hartford and Tyler was in Simsbury and they roasted a bowl at the same time, then in spririt they roasted together,thus making it a soul bowl.
by WiMaj January 02, 2009
An overly dramatic innuendo referencing the vagina. It was concocted by a woman who attempted to slander a silly wannabe businessman with imaginative cybersex logs. Also, the aforementioned "woman" is allegedly a man, and is also completely mute and unable to speak in real life.
Silly Scrub: Yo man did you hear about those cyber sex logs? I'm changing all my forum handles to Soul bowl son, get at me!

Wise Elitist Expert: Nah. Those logs were augmented. Why would you believe a mute?
by MileenaTheMute July 16, 2010
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