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A drug lord that takes any kinds of drugs.Runs around in full bronze carrying a pot of marijuana
Omg his a souji! He smokes weed daily!
by Drake January 11, 2005
28 10
A spammer on forums, spams so much he makes spam look like non spam
omg so much spam a souji has been here!
by not-tombo January 11, 2005
12 5
A barney lover that uses barney for his signature
Omg its barney! And check out all those soujis!!! They have barney pictures on their shirts!
by Drake January 11, 2005
7 7
slut that takes/deals drugs.
Man that is one ugly souji. Must be in relation to SOUJI, INCESS?
by soujisgay January 11, 2005
10 12