Sister of the Leaf. A friendly name for a female cigar smoker, used by other cigar smokers. Also BOTL, or Brother of the Leaf.
It's always great to meet a new BOTL at a herf, but it's even cooler to meet a SOTL that loves great cigars.
by TheTimD May 04, 2009
Top Definition
Acronym for the 1991 movie, Silence of the Lambs.
Jodie Foster was so hot in SOTL.
by sterlingheights July 07, 2005
SOTL stands for "slut on the loose."
"You were such an SOTL at the party last night; we had to watch you to make sure you didn't hook up with anybody that was too sketchy."
by Channing Way February 01, 2008
Sisterhood of the Traveling Lattes
Oh man I love SOTL
by SOTL February 03, 2011
Shit On The Lens - Any foreign material adhering itself to the lens of a camera, usually appearing in the acquired image.
How long has Pamfila had that mole? It's not a mole its just SOTL.
by Grossee December 25, 2010
Sitting On Toilet Laughing
Was watching YouTube videos on my laptop while taking a dump and made the comment SOTL.
by Lex-I-Con April 16, 2009
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