Sosa refers to south side Chicago. No other definition.
"B*tches love sosa" - Chief Keef from Sosa, Chicago, IL
by Arib February 20, 2014
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fucking chief keef nigga.
"bitches love sosa" - bitches love chief keef.
"they do it all for sosa" - they do it all for chief keef.
by beat-peace-notin-pieces December 08, 2012
The Coke Baron from Scarface who launches an attack on Tony Montanas Mansion at the end
Dont Fuck With Me Tony! - Sosa
by Scott C December 08, 2005
Smoking On Something Amazing. Derived from the song "Love Sosa" from the upcoming artist Chief Keef
"Bitches love sosa"
Females Love Smoking on Something Amazing
by Eddyyy January 10, 2013
cocaine that is meant to be snorted from a stripper's buttcrack.
Man I hit that sosa so hard at the booty club.
by Sosa's mother December 13, 2012
Something chief keef said in a rap when he ran out of ideas and thought about food at the same time
You have you heard chief keef's new song call sosa it made me hungry lol
by Qtheking January 29, 2016
When someone takes a situation in a very chill mood.
Im not going to study, sosa.
by Tony Burgos December 16, 2013

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