The south of Kansas (Johnson county)
"Where is the best sex"

by Big C-note$ October 30, 2007
It doesn't really mean "Save our Ship" anymore, because whose ship really needs to be saved? Unless, of course, it is a cruise ship being attacked by pirates, as was the case recently near Africa. It really means "Save Our Shit!", any shit in peril.
"Oh no, my parents are here. Quick, SOS!"
by MIL January 31, 2006
SOS is an abreviation for Sick Of School
ah shit man im soooo SOS
by Hedra123 November 07, 2006
SomeOne Special.
Thinking of sos
by unique. July 16, 2003
smash-on-site - fight
Yo wen you see em SOS
by Ripper June 22, 2003
A Sos Is Like A Idiot,A Fool,A Stupid Person
Mostly Used In A Joking About Friendly Term
Sam:Oh I think She Fancies You
Jack:Nah Shutup You Sos
by Eleanor07 August 16, 2007
It seems like SOS has a lot of meanings, but my favorite is Stuck On Stupid.
All these damn people are SOS!!
by Amber Miller February 11, 2007

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