some-one-special, some-one-sexy, or some-one-stupid. if you ever see someone write I LOVE SOS, thats what it means.
omg, i <3 SOS. hes so hott
by Antonigsdrf November 18, 2007
niggers white trash trailer trash rednecks arabs islam mohammad quran islamic religion lazy beaners gang bangers crack heads meth addicts coke heads spunderella drop outs Bush drug addicts townies dictators

Stuck On Stupid. Most: niggers, white trash, sand-monkies, and lazy beaners. This acronym is used for anyone who drops out of highschool, college, or does not earn a GED or some sort of trade skill. Becomming SOS is a choice.
Nina: "God I hate fucking niggers, whites, arabs, and lazy beaners!"

Dwayne: "Jesus, why are you so prejudiced?"

Nina: "'Cuz they're all SOS. If Niggers would have gone to college they wouldn't be out there gang-banging, killing each other like fucktards. But I guess thats a good thing 'cuz then there are less niggers. If those white trash fucktards would have gone to college I wouldn'd have to look at their disgusting trailer parks and there wouldn't be so much domestic violence. If it weren't for those Islamic sand-monkies they wouldn't be living in a shit hole of a country and we wouldn't be in this mother fucking war! And if it weren't for these God Damn Blessed Mother, Santa Maria, Catholic, wetback lazy beaners, 25% of my mother fucking paycheck wouldn't go to pay for their medical, foodstamps, and welfare! If they're going to come to this country they need to enroll in school, go to college, get a job, and pay taxes like the rest of us, instead of breading like the fucking cockroaches they are.

Dwayne: "oh."
by The Anrkissed May 09, 2008
Term used by Naval Officers In Time Of Great Need Meaning "Save Our Ship!"
"Capt.Henderson, Send Out A S.O.S Pronto!"
by Alex September 13, 2003
"Someone Over Shoulder" made up to warn somebody that someone is watching over your shoulder, to avoid any explicit or secretive subjects during converstation.
1:"Man, jeena is hot"
2:"Dude, sos"
1:"oh! err...what ya think of the weather today???"
by Mushroom_Hugger September 04, 2006
Slang contraction of "so is"
Used generally by unintelligent people who lack higher education.
Clown: this webage is shit
Fosnez: sos ya face
by GutterClown September 12, 2007
short for: source of sex
he's not my boyfriend he's my sos
by ang September 20, 2004
shoot on site
when you see them SOS
by ee November 04, 2003

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