Abbreviation for: Send off Status.

The act of purposely sending someone off.blowing them off, purposely misleading them.
Sabina is on that SOS again.

That girl i was suppose to meet, was all on SOS.
by propelzero90 December 20, 2010
When you have no mobile signal and it only shows the red SOS sign
Wylie says: hey valerie, please can I use your mobile phone?

Valerie says: Oh no I would let ya, but I have SOS.
by vky123123 December 08, 2010
SomeOne Stranded.

Used on islands when someone is stranded and need saving
-plane does by island-
Pilot: Sos! Someone needs help
Person stranded: *dead*
by Toriicx November 23, 2012
When someone poops themselves, or "Soil own Shorts"
Guy 1: Dude, you gonna come over??
Guy 2: No! SOS man!!!
by hitMN94 June 28, 2011
1. Sister of Shxt, untalented female R&B group.

2. (adj) Woman who's been craving for marrying a rich guy.

3. (noun) Popular actress/hostess who doesn't read books.

4. (adj) Inappropriate/cheesy joking, behavior, manner in a formal ceremony.

5. (noun) Hostess who constantly flirt with male actors on her show.
Corresponding Examples:

1. Who's gonna buy SOS's album? Their songs are so corny.

2. The only thing in her head is preying for a rich single, she's a totally gold digger, she's so SOS.

3. The difference between SOS and yogurt is, if you put a yogurt there for 30 years, it grows culture.

4. Can't believe she's telling that SOS joke on Grammy... She thought it's her own show? Totally out of her mind.

5. Here it comes! When I heard this guy will be on her show, I know she's definitely gonna touch the guy's chest.
by urbanoutfitterslover November 25, 2010
Someone Over (the) Shoulder.

It can be used when your mother is standing right behind you and keeping a watch on what you are doing on the net. Obviously, you cannot tell your girlfriend or whomever that your mom is behind you, so you can just type SOS.
That way your mom won't understand but the person you are talking to can be careful.
Your GF- HEY!
*your mom comes behind and watches the screen*
GF- Ok. How are you?
*normal and formal chat follows and your mom ain't suspicious*
*Day Saved*
You can use it against your wife too.
by akky47 October 10, 2010
"Someone Over Shoulder" or "Supervisor Over Shoulder"
When your supervisor hassles you for texting too much while "on the job," send a SOS so your girl/boyfriend knows you aren't ignoring her.
When someone is being nosy and trying to read your text conversations, send an SOS so the brat gets to hurry up and look away.
Similar to pos (parent over shoulder)
Christen: U won't believe my night
Brandi: bet I will
C: U remember when I hung out with Jason from the concert?
Brandi: The one you ignored me for 3 days for who hasn't called you since.
C: Stop b'n bitter. Anyway he just left the store and left me with the lamest excuse ever.
B: Well been waiting for 23 mins and you still haven't told me it.
C: lol sorry, sosg.

by damaTurtleShia April 19, 2010

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