"Save Our Survivors"
"Safe of Sex"
by SOB person August 06, 2003
sos means: so what? (slang)
person 1:hey, look at that dead monkey!
Person 2: sos?
by frederick November 06, 2004
spawn of satan
person 1: ur a sos
person 2: so wat if he is my father
by communism rules December 04, 2003
A fun TFC clan who have the respect of many TFCers like Wazzie (the real one,not the fake poster...).
SOS is a great clan!
by Echte_Wazzie April 07, 2003
Save Our State. An organization now rightfully filed under the "Hate Groups" category by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Joseph Turner, founder of Save Our State(SOS), is a total cunt, and a hypocritical dousche, who has Downs Syndrome.
by McKickazz July 01, 2006
Summer of Seduction Tease
YOu cannot be apart of SOS if you choose to actually have sex with someone
by Spermato March 29, 2004
Stephen Orr Spurrier. Former HBC of the Florida Gators' football team.
What do you think SOS is gonna do in South Carolina?
by Frugie January 19, 2005

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