Stuck on stupid, clueless
why are you acting SOS?
by alegacy May 11, 2006
"Sauce On Steroids" -The opposite of "weak sauce" (awesome)
Dude, that's SOS.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
Save Our State, an organization against the annexation of California by Mexico.
Those illegal Mexicans really hate SOS
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
Sour Owl Shit, an insult and describtion to other people and objects.
The Drill sargent exclaimed," Private Whitman get that sour owl shit smerk off your face."
by Chris Moquin November 18, 2004
SOS is an acronym for "sluts on sunset"

it's commenly used by people in los angeles who populate sunset blvd, or the "sunset strip," a street which is accompanied by many fine women and/or sluts on thursday, friday and saturday nights.
"hey, there's nothing really to do tonight but to go see SOS. maybe we can hit up dublins or argyl while we're at it, or even the body shop"

or you can simply say "im gonna SOS tonight"
by hai2uci September 10, 2004
"Shit On a Shingle", used by naval officers. Term for bread and butter or something spread onto bread then toasted.
Bread and butter, Toast, grilled cheese, etc.
by Joe P. January 04, 2004
"Save Our Survivors"
"Safe of Sex"
by SOB person August 06, 2003

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