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niggers white trash trailer trash rednecks arabs islam mohammad quran islamic religion lazy beaners gang bangers crack heads meth addicts coke heads spunderella drop outs Bush drug addicts townies dictators

Stuck On Stupid. Most: niggers, white trash, sand-monkies, and lazy beaners. This acronym is used for anyone who drops out of highschool, college, or does not earn a GED or some sort of trade skill. Becomming SOS is a choice.
Nina: "God I hate fucking niggers, whites, arabs, and lazy beaners!"

Dwayne: "Jesus, why are you so prejudiced?"

Nina: "'Cuz they're all SOS. If Niggers would have gone to college they wouldn't be out there gang-banging, killing each other like fucktards. But I guess thats a good thing 'cuz then there are less niggers. If those white trash fucktards would have gone to college I wouldn'd have to look at their disgusting trailer parks and there wouldn't be so much domestic violence. If it weren't for those Islamic sand-monkies they wouldn't be living in a shit hole of a country and we wouldn't be in this mother fucking war! And if it weren't for these God Damn Blessed Mother, Santa Maria, Catholic, wetback lazy beaners, 25% of my mother fucking paycheck wouldn't go to pay for their medical, foodstamps, and welfare! If they're going to come to this country they need to enroll in school, go to college, get a job, and pay taxes like the rest of us, instead of breading like the fucking cockroaches they are.

Dwayne: "oh."
by The Anrkissed May 09, 2008

To be used when in online discussion and another party (whom you do not want to see anything suspicious being sent from the partner(s) you are having the conversation with)

Useful when the parent walks in and then there is no need for suspicious minimizing on the computer screen.
Tiff: Timmyyy, how you feeling?
Tim: Oh baby, i'm in the mood ;)
---Tiff's father walks in---
Tiff:Wait, SOS
Tim:Ok, so, about the science homework due tomorrow....
by ZeFenomeno June 08, 2009
Shirt off Shit

When it's going to be a long time on the toilet you might take off your shirt for it.
I just took a SOS because I knew it would take forever.
by yooyooo111 September 02, 2009
code for spit or swallow
"Does she SOS?"
"She swallows"
by verbalmister September 09, 2008
Sos is an acronym-become-word that originally stood for "sack of shit." Now it is used more generally to describe the act of not doing anything useful or important e.g. lying on the couch, watching mtv, masturbating relentlessly etc. The word can be used as a noun (sos), verb (to sos), and adverb (sossily).
"Fuck you are a huge sos!"

"Sossily stop wanting to do stuff all the time."
by sos1 July 21, 2009
In the escort, fetish & swinger lifestyles, S.O.S. stands for Strap On Sex.
Having S.O.S. or SOS is a woman wearing a strap-on while engaging in sexual activities with other women or men.
by Dyvine November 08, 2007
Acronym for one of the following: Slap On Sight, Smack On Sight, or Shoot On Sight. Term originaly appeared in the hip hop underground of the mid 1990's though its use has resurfaced recently. Can be used to describe a threat, to issue a threat, or describe an action in the past tense.
"I'm going to S.O.S. Jaime for what he did the other day." Or "I'm putting an S.O.S. on Andre." Also, "When Jackie saw Olivia, she S.O.S.'d her."
by Vohton June 10, 2006
Sell Out Sister. Typically used to describe the phenomenon of so many Asian girls dating white guys, but describes any girl who dates outside of her race or ethnicity.
"Damn, there's a lot of hot girls in this club!" "Yeah, too bad most of them are frickin SOS chicks!"
by d.nutt March 10, 2009