a temporary feeling of remorse that is often overused. also a word that no one ever believes anymore because of its misuse as well.
Girl: Why are you talking behind my back? You believe someone other than me and said I like this one sophomore kid?

Guy: I'm sorry. I will never do it again

Girl: I don't believe in sorries any more. I give people many chances and they always say sorry. Fuck you I dont think we should be friends any more. You said sorry one too many times
by anonymous_kid_204 April 12, 2010
An excuse people say to get out of trouble, or to escape feeling guilty, usually not meant with sympathy.
"I'm sorry for talking out in class, I won't ever do it again!"
by Gligurr March 30, 2014
A word that proves our guilt.
Ratul: i am sorry!
Skib: it means u have done this.
by Salfeto February 22, 2013
So sorry. Used in chatting and text messages to express how sorry one is.
I'm SOrry I called your mom a whore.
by shaggs99 May 21, 2010
weak, unimpressive
did you see those guys lifting? they looked sorry
by baboy June 05, 2009
to be like Ken, to say you are not coming into work jokingly and then really not showing up
Ken told us Friday he wouldn't be in on Monday. We thought he was joking but his sorry ass didn't show up. That's just sorry.
by Shawn Isyourdaddy August 24, 2005
feeling of having come across as a dickhead, even tho he meant well
Im so sorry suzy, dont hate me *puppy dog eyes*
by ColHol October 19, 2004

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