weak, unimpressive
did you see those guys lifting? they looked sorry
by baboy June 05, 2009
An excuse people say to get out of trouble, or to escape feeling guilty, usually not meant with sympathy.
"I'm sorry for talking out in class, I won't ever do it again!"
by Gligurr March 30, 2014
Fuck you I will do it again!
"Ugh i'm so sorry for lying!" while hiding and lying about something else

"Im sorry for throwing away (item)" and throwing similar or exact same objects away again and again.
by bullshit receiver May 31, 2011
A word that proves our guilt.
Ratul: i am sorry!
Skib: it means u have done this.
by Salfeto February 22, 2013
Often preceded by the word "so" is an overused term used as a desperate attempt to obtain absolution usually following the cause of irreparable damage to a person's propperty.
Daddy, I'm so sorry.
by The Doran October 02, 2010
So sorry. Used in chatting and text messages to express how sorry one is.
I'm SOrry I called your mom a whore.
by shaggs99 May 21, 2010
1. When you apologize to someone.
2. The board game that can have up to 4 players (red, blue, yellow, +green).
1. I'm sorry for stealing your lunch, Mom.
2. I don't care if you stole from me or not! Wanna know why? Because I just bought you Sorry last night, so we can play it!
by xxsilverxmoonxx November 25, 2009

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